Introducing Artturgical

Welcome to Artturgical, where art and liturgy collide!

Here we will explore the world of Liturgical Art, walk through the peaks and valleys of a calling built around visualizing the Word. We will endeavor to be faithful to scripture, while living in the freedom of Christ. We will look into the creative gifts given to us by the Creator. Here we will live the gift of life as an art. We will use the gift of art to speak of life bought for us on a cross.

What is Liturgical Art?

Also known as Sacred Art, Liturgical Art is any art form which speaks the Word of God. This can include small illustrations that focus on religious symbolism, large paintings that detail the stories of the Bible, hand made ceramic communion chalices, and more!

Why is Liturgical Art important?

The visual arts and the Church have a shared history that is rich and storied. It has played an important role in the instruction and enrichment of God’s people, and offers a form of communication which transcends language barriers. It moves and inspires viewers young and old.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Remember to check back often for new posts and updates!


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