Illustration of the Month: June 2018

You want art? I’ll give you art. Literally.


The triumphant cross has long been one of my favorite representations of the cross.

There is something so elegant about what is says about our savior. The cross sits atop an orb which represents the Earth, that’s all it is. It is so simple but it says so much. It represents Christ as savior. Christ as King over all. Christ victorious. Christ arisen. It tells of a God, a Creator, whose creation has rebelled over and over again, bringing death upon themselves and the world they were given. It speaks of a Creator who purchases and creates new life for a sinful planet.

This cross is law and gospel.

It tells of a tree which spelled temptation and fall into sin. It shows a tree upon which life was given for life in return. It promises a tree for the healing of the nations.

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